Young Entrepreneurs Academy



Brainchild Creations Community Academy is excited to announce our new community service-based educational program for homeschool students.

This will be serious a work environment where motivated children will need to be able to focus and work hard to accomplish daily, weekly, and monthly goals.  All course students must be capable of paying close attention to tasks provided and carrying out tasks in a group setting where each team member is responsible for the success of the whole.


Community Guests: Throughout the course, we will be working with various community members whose talents and experience will be of use to our students. All community participants will undergo background checks to ensure student safety.


This is an 18-week, weekly 3-hour course for homeschool students (ages 7-12) that provides the opportunity for students to develop monthly service-based collaborative projects that benefit the community.

All students will take an active part in:

·       brainstorming ideas

·       developing an action plan

·       raising money to fund projects by contacting potential local sponsors

·       designing marketing materials and social media posts for fundraiser events

or calls to action

·       working collaboratively to complete project-based products

·       evaluating each completed project before planning for future projects

·       creating a multimedia portfolio that highlights their team’s efforts, successes, lessons learned, and individual achievements and reflections.


This course is designed for highly motivated students who:

·       Work well with peers and adult instructors

·       Have a passion for helping others

·       Enjoy creating and being creative

·       Show interest in becoming entrepreneurship

COST: $400 for the entire semester paid in full upon registration

(or 5 monthly installments of $85 totaling $425)

[Scholarship Opportunities: A limited number of partial scholarships will be made available to families with financial considerations.]

DATES: Wednesdays [August 14 – December 18] 

[As the students  will plan special events, there will be the occasional weekend event.. We ask that all students bring a calendar with dates of family commitments to the first class and update it as needed to ensure all students can participate in any extra events.]

TIME: 12 noon-3:00 pm

LOCATION: Acros Gymnastics [Front Room]

 Class Size:12 maximum

 *Siblings will be able to attend our regular Wednesday afternoon, child-led/play-based program in our Brainchild Creations classroom, outdoor area, and in the Acros’ gym (find out more and register at


Read more about Jenny’s credentials and vision for this course below.


Jenny has eight years of experience in public education as a middle school librarian, high school English teacher, theatre director, and speech/forensics coach. She has a Master’s in Teaching degree from Oakland City University and a Bachelor of Arts degree from Purdue University where she majored in Visual Communications Design and English.

While at Purdue, Jenny worked as a graphic designer at the Purdue Memorial Union and served as the Director of Cultural Events and Vice President of Marketing for the Purdue Student Union Board, for which she designed the logo they still use today. Jenny also worked in partnership with the Greater Lafayette Community as a student chair for the annual Hunger Hike and Holocaust Remembrance Week.

Jenny and her husband Kyle are the owners of Challenge Island Evansville Metro and the headteachers at Brainchild Creations Community Academy. They are also parents of a four and nearly five-year-old and feel incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to work together as a family to promote creativity and kindness in our community.

It is her goal to now create a program for local, motivated, children that provides them with opportunities to collaborate with peers and community members, brainstorm, write, design, build, and create while giving back to the community.

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