why we are doing this

The mission of Brainchild Creations Community Academy is to provide a secular community-service based program that focuses on character education, community involvement and global citizenship featuring daily exercise engagement outside and/or in a gymnasium equipped with trampolines and state-of-the-art gymnastics equipment and featuring weekly Challenge-Island field trips teaching STEAM education and 21st century learning skills.


Dwelling in possibility and finally turning dreams into reality

It has long been a fantasy of mine to create an eclectic and artistic sort of one-room schoolhouse, even before I had kids of my own. I have always loved learning, but for me, my affection for school was hit and miss. When I did love it, however, there was the common thread that held my attention- the opportunity to create and be creative. Whether it was through an art project on canvas, a yearbook layout on a computer, or even a science fair project on a tri-fold board, actively creating kept me engaged and inspired. It was through engagement and inspiration that I learned the most - about the subject matter and about myself.

As a middle school librarian, I relished the opportunities to engage students through projects and activities inspired by their favorite books, and as a high school English teacher, I tried to do the same with short stories and assigned novels whenever possible. After having my two children, my interest in education became focused on their early acquisition of skills, facts and songs, and how they learned through play. I began researching theories in early childhood education of the whole child, the importance of natural toys and the need for experience in nature

After years of reading a few books and countless blogs about the Froebel, Montessori, Reggio-Emilia, and Waldorf early education methods, my husband and I have had the amazing opportunity to build play-based program inspired by them all. While admittedly anxious about completing our remodel within the Acros Gymnastics building, and a bit overwhelmed by the process of gathering supplies, toys, and books make our program unlike any other, I am mostly so incredibly grateful for the opportunity to bring this dream to reality.