Join Our Team

Brainchild Creations, LLC. and Challenge Island Evansville Metro has a dedication to education and the community.

We are hard at work to:

• Build a career path for ourselves where we can work together doing what we love

• Create jobs and give back to our community

• And above all, to inspire kids to become lifelong learners

Opportunity to become part of a growing team that is committed to providing unique enrichment opportunities for local children and to giving back to the community

Flexible part-time schedule

Discounted sessions at Brainchild Creations Community Academy for your children


Brainchild Creations Teaching Assistant

[Volunteer Position]

Job Description: flexible part-time positions assisting owners

Responsibilities may include but are not limited to the following:

  • Assist with organizing and preparing class materials, snacks, etc.

  • Assist in clean-up throughout the session

  • Observe child-led activities while maintaining a safe environment

  • Allow children to follow their own play urges

  • Support children without interrupting by watching and waiting as they discover, invent and explore

  • Facilitate directed activities

  • Walk children to the restroom

  • Participate in planning sessions/team meetings

Must love working with children and find value in child-led play

All volunteers must pass criminal background checks and participate in training sessions

Challenge Island Teaching Assistant

[Paid Position]

Job Description: occasional part-time position facilitating Challenge Island in-school field trips and after-school programs at schools in our community

Responsibilities may include but are not limited to the following:

• Assist with organizing and preparing class materials, includes organizing inventory in storage, sorting into class bins for teachers

• Read and learn all class curriculum ahead of scheduled classes in order to pro-actively assist lead teacher in running the class or camp

• Organize and prep class specific materials as Lead Teacher is teaching the lesson. For example, pass out materials during lecture at appropriate times without prompting, start clearing unused items at the end of challenges, but not before children are finished, pay attention to flow of class, what the Lead Teacher is planning as next steps in the lesson and be prepared to assist when needed.

• Direct children with challenges as needed

• May require supervision of children, acting as mediator to help solve behavior issues

• Pick up class materials ahead of scheduled class as needed.

• Arrive as required (usually 30-60 mins prior to start of class. Teacher or owner will coordinate and confirm with Teaching Assistant) before the scheduled start of a class in order to set-up all class materials, set tribal tables and prep or decorate the room as needed.

• Assist Lead Teacher with breakdown of class materials, organization and prep for next class.

• Return materials to inventory, organize and put away.

• Keep owner informed of low inventory or purchasing requirements when supplies need to be replenished.

• Assist with vendor fairs, expos and events when available