Our Vision for Our Space

Even as a little girl, I have always had a passion for design, particularly of interiors. I always loved visiting the homes of friends and family members to see how they arranged their spaces, what tchotchkes and art they had on display, how they arranged their family photos, what paint and wallpaper they chose, if they had a theme that made abundantly clear their love of mallard ducks, or sunflowers, or golf - or if they had a more eclectic mix of things they had collected that, arranged in just the right way, seemed to belong together. My maternal grandmother was an expert at this, blending custom furniture pieces built by my grandfather with simple flower arrangements she made, watercolors she painted, needlepoint and craft creations made by my mom and aunts. Her house was always filled with magazines, most often Country Living, but eventually Martha Stewart. While on most Sundays my cousins playing with toys in the basement, I was most content perusing through the pages of these magazines and the JC Penney’s catalog. Ironically, I have now become pretty obsessed with children’s toys, and now having the opportunity to design a space with these toys in mind is an absolute dream.

In the rendering below, I’ve laid out our basic concept for our classroom. It includes ample shelves for lots of toys and books, over-sized peg boards for activities and displays, a gallery wall to be filled with reproductions of modern masterpieces and kid-created art, seats for curling up with books, and a small kitchenette scaled for kids where they can help prepare snacks or play with pretend food. The seats of the park benches that line the center of the room convert to tables and can be rearranged in a number of ways so that our space is always changing. We have lots more ideas in store that aren’t depicted in the image below, but you can follow us on Instagram to see our space transform.

Jeanette Lehmann