Our Latest Rainbow Obsession

Since learning the Rainbow song from Mother Goose Club on PBS, and now on Netflix, both of my children, especially my four-year-old son, have been crazy about rainbows and the colors of the spectrum. On the lookout for rainbow toys, I kept coming back to Grimm’s wooden rainbow stacking toy. I had seen this toy neatly stacked on shelves in beautifully arranged kid’s rooms on Pinterest, but it seemed really pricey for a simple stacking toy, especially as i didn’t think it would really hold the attention of my kids for long. I was so wrong. After finally getting on Instagram, I started seeing amazing photos of what can be created with this amazing toy. The possibilities are endless, so it became a must-have for Brainchild Creations. Follow our Instagram page to see what we’re making with it and our other Grimm’s toys.


rainbow toys.jpg